Experience Golden Isles CFO Retreat

What is CFO?

CFO stands for Camps Farthest Out…a Christian retreat away from the hustle and bustle of life.


Providing a Christ-centered, Holy Spirit led program through which people discover the Kingdom of God in the midst of today’s world.


• Develop a passion for Jesus
• Have a personal encounter with God
• Fellowship with other believers
• Learn how to apply Biblical principles in everyday life
• Learn about parenting children with a heart for God
• Have a joyful, spiritual retreat for your entire family
• Learn to pray with more power

We are an example of the Body of Christ, many believers with the same goal of growing stronger in the thing that really matters — our personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The Golden Isles CFO Retreat meets once a year in the fall, usually at the end of October. Start making plans for our 2018 Retreat, which will begin on October 25 and end on October 28.  Our speakers will be Dr. Mark Hardgrove and his wife Sun.   Click here for more details about this retreat.

This is a FAMILY RETREAT but singles are certainly welcome as well. Comfortable lodging and three daily meals are provided. There is a daily program to include periods of fun, learning, meditation, sharing, praying, and rest (click here to find out more). It is a time apart from the cares and problems of the world, a time for God to minister to us right where we are; a weekend of Kingdom living. The retreat is inter-denominational, and centered on Jesus. Each retreat is an opportunity to make new friends and renew old friendships.

We have financial assistance scholarships  available for the 2018 Retreat.  Click here to get to the Scholarships page.

CFOs are interdenominational Christian retreats held in various locations throughout the United States and Canada. These retreats can best be characterized as a spiritual training ground and a time of joy and reflection…apart from the routine of everyday life.  Your privacy is respected, oneness in spirit encouraged, and sharing is abundant. Each person returns to his or her home inspired and enthusiastic in their renewed faith. The information on this website applies specifically to the Golden Isles CFO Retreat. For more information about the North American CFO, which has a listing of other camps and retreats and more information about this organization, please use this link: Association of Camps Farthest Out.