Experience Golden Isles CFO Retreat


Scholarship funds are available primarily to provide an incentive to NEW families to allow them to determine the benefits of attending the Retreat without making a significant upfront investment.

This year there is a special offer to new campers .  100% of the cost of room and board ($260.00 per person double occupancy) will be covered for new campers who qualify and pay the $80.00 Registration Fee before September 21st.

There is still hope for other campers who may need financial assistance to attend.  Partial support is available.  Information about how to apply for a partial scholarship is indicated below.

1. Provide the application information below and contact Ron Sommer at Ron.Sommer@edwardjones.com.  He can also provide you with a pdf of the 2018 flyer, which should make this process easier, if you request one.

2. If you have any questions about this process, please contact Ron Sommer at Ron.Sommer@edwardjones.com

1. Provide your name, the telephone number, email address, and the number of adults and children who will be attending and be prepared to provide this information on your email.